Make Your Plants

Organic Fertilizer For Your Gardens

Feed and Flourish – the one, two punch for fuller gardens!


A balanced meal for your garden!

Foundation for Establishing Healthy Plants

  • Establishes perfect environment for new plantings
  • Helps plants find water and minerals in the heat of the summer
  • Builds strong roots for fuller plants and healthier vegetables

EW4H Replenish For Your Gardens starts with an organic compost with Mycorrhiza that feeds both your soil and your plants. The mineral rich blend is ideal for all soil types and climates. Mycorrhiza ("root extension" in Latin) makes this the "go to product" to use for planting, ensuring establishment and quality grow in. Follow the application directions for planting everything from trees to planters. And YES, this product CAN be used on your lawn if you wish to use a 100% Organic Fertilizer! It is easy to spread with all home fertilizer spreaders.

Don't just survive - Flourish!

More Flowers, More Veggies!

  • Moves nutrients from the soil into plants for fuller plants and healthier vegetables 
  • Feeds the soil to increase photosynthesis and reduce greenhouse gases
  • Creates more vibrant flowers by reducing environmental stress that weakens plants

EW4H Liquid Fertilizer For Your Gardens is a diverse blend of carbon and minerals designed to help plants survive even in hot, dry conditions. It is a kid and pet friendly product, and simple to use. The lightweight bottle comes with a hose end spray nozzle that provides quick and easy application for all of your gardens and planters. It can be used as a "drench" for trees and shrubs to give them a quick boost to help them flourish.


The Garden Program

The best possible results come when dry and liquid products are used together as part of a program – just like the pros do!


*If your soil test indicates magnesium deficiencies we may recommend EW4H MagFusion in addition to the Garden Program.