Make Your Lawn

Organic Based Fertilizer For Your Lawn

Feed and Activate – the one, two punch for greener grass!

Why use organic based fertilizer for your lawn? Because it is safe for dogs, safe for kids and Eco-friendly. And gives you great results!


Green Grass That Lasts All Season!

Organic Based Fertilizer for your lawn...

  • Provides long lasting color with nitrogen enhanced organic ingredients
  • Builds deep strong roots that can find water even in the heat of summer
  • Keeps the soil warm in the winter for a quick "green up" in the spring

EW4H Replenish For Your Lawn starts with an organic compost that feeds both your soil and your grass. The mineral rich, 75% organic blend is ideal for all soil types and climates. Our granular fertilizer is easy to spread with all home fertilizer spreaders, and when used properly will not burn or streak your lawn. If you prefer to use a 100% organic fertilizer for your lawn see EarthWorks Replenish For Your Garden. Yes – it can be used on your lawn!!

A power bar for your lawn!

Use as often as you want for a quick green up

  • Gives grass a quick "green up" that lasts
  • Helps to move roots deep into the soil
  • Feeds the soil to increase photosynthesis and reduce greenhouse gases

EW4H Liquid Fertilizer For Your Lawn is a complete product that can quickly provide you with a picture perfect green lawn. A perfect liquid blend of nitrogen and rich organics are ideal to supplement dry fertilizers for quick green results. Can be used as a stand alone product for those that prefer to use a sprayer only for fertilizer application. The lightweight bottle comes with a hose end spray nozzle that provides quick and easy application to your lawn.

Liquid - Lawn

EW4H Organic Based Lawn Program

The best possible results come when dry and liquid products are used together as part of a program – just like the pros do!

EW4H - Lawn Program

*If your soil test indicates certain deficiencies we may recommend EW4H MagFusion and/or Replenish For Your Gardens in addition to the Lawn Program.