Liquid Products

Foliar (sprayable) fertilizer is an easy delivery method for delivering what your plants need all summer long. By helping your garden and landscape plants with photosynthesis your plants feed the microbial activity in the soil. The result is a better biological environment that is able to capture carbon. And that is how you help the earth one garden, one landscape area or one lawn at a time!

The lightweight bottle comes with a hose end spray nozzle that provides quick and easy application.

Conveniently packaged in two (2) 32 ounce bottles plus hose end nozzle for ease of application.

Organic based power bar
for your lawn!

Use as often as you want for a
quick green up.

Don’t just survive – Flourish with organic based liquid fertilizer!

Less Plant Stress – More Flowers,
More Veggies!

Magnesium Needed! The Backbone for all plant photosynthesis!

Recommended for
Magnesium Deficient Soil.