EW4H Replenish Fertilizer For Your Gardens (25 lb)


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An Organic Based balanced meal for your garden!

Foundation for Establishing Healthy Plants

  • Establishes perfect environment for new plantings
  • Helps plants find water and minerals in the heat of the summer
  • Builds strong roots for fuller plants and healthier vegetables

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Looking for an organic garden fertilizer? EW4H Replenish For Your Gardens has become one of our most popular products with our professional customers. It is designed to work on the soil to create an ideal environment for your plants. It starts with an organic compost with Mycorrhiza that feeds both your soil and your plants. Mycorrhiza means”root extension” in Latin. This is the “go to” product to use for planting your flowers and vegetables. Why? Because it helps establish strong root systems and create quality plant growth. Mycorrhiza are very good at searching for phosphorus. Because of this they can make phosphorus available to the plant. We highly recommend using this product when your soil test results indicate a low phosphorus level regardless of the type of plant. Remember happy, healthy lawns and gardens start with healthy soil!

The organic based mineral rich blend is ideal for all soil types and climates. Follow the application directions for planting everything from trees to planters. And YES, this organic garden fertilizer CAN be used on your lawn if you wish to use a 100% organic Fertilizer! It is easy to spread with all home fertilizer spreaders.

FIND YOUR LOT SIZE: EW4H Lot Size Calculator


Instructions For Use

Use 1 cup for every 1inch diameter of trunk; work into the soil at base of trunk. Use 2 cups in planting hole for 5 gallon containers.  Adjust accordingly.  

Flower and Vegetable beds:
Work 1 lb/100 sq ft at time of planting and maintenance.  

Setup your spreader:
• Scotts Rotary Spreader:  Setting 5
• Spyker Rotary Spreader:  Setting 5

Walking speed, terrain, and other factors can affect spreader settings but this is a good setting to start.

Apply 5-10 lbs/1000 sq ft:
Adjust spreader setting accordingly for higher rates. Walk at a steady pace and setup your passes roughly 5 ft apart so that the widest thrown granular lands in the wheel tracks of your previous pass. 

Sweep or blow any granular from sidewalks and driveways back into the lawn. This will keep fertilizer from getting in our waterways, but onto our turf to increase the environmental benefits of your lawn!

Re-enter and Enjoy! Safe for people and pets to immediately get back on the lawn.

Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool, dry place. Keep sealed.



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