What are your spreader settings?

When applying just remember the number 5!

Setup your spreader:

Scotts Rotary Spreader:  Setting 5

Spyker Rotary Spreader:  Setting 5

All other spreaders: Middle Setting

Walking speed, terrain, and other factors can affect spreader settings but this is a good setting to start!

Apply 5 lb of product per 1000 sq. ft.:

Walk at a steady pace and setup your passes roughly 5 ft apart so that the widest thrown granular lands in the wheel tracks of your previous pass.  


Sweep or blow any granular from sidewalks and driveways back into the lawn.  This will keep fertilizer from getting in our waterways, but onto our turf to increase the environmental benefits of your lawn!

Re-enter and Enjoy!

Safe for people and pets to immediately get back on the lawn.


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