Why EarthWorks For Home and Why Now?

Over thirty years ago, we built a company and a product line to help feed the soil and the important life in that soil. When first introduced our "natural" and "organic" concepts were met with skepticism, but over time and with proven results, our products have been embraced and used by professional turf growers and landscapers across the globe. As soil scientists we believe that the global health of our soil is very important and that caring for our soil begins one lawn, one garden at a time. Now we bring to you the products that you need at home to grow greener lawns and better tasting vegetables, while contributing to the health of your family and your planet.

EW4H Respects The Soil

Respect For the Soil

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants!

Maybe you want to grow a healthy vegetable garden for your family or wish for a beautiful long-lasting lawn and landscape without all the chemicals. The best way to do this is to treat your soil with respect. Chemical fertilizers strip the good organic matter from your soil, the same organic matter that is so important in feeding important micro-organisms that live in your soil. It’s this soil life that makes your garden tomatoes taste so good, keep your lawn green all season long, and help your landscape plants survive a long hot summer.

Magic Begins Underground

Carbon Based Fertilizers

EarthWorks For Home understands that you just need to feed your soil with carbon (organic) based fertilizers so that life underground can do its magic. Creating a beautiful healthy living environment at home doesn’t have to be complicated when you consider the soil first. Our products provide food for healthy soil micro-organisms that in turn create beautiful, healthy plants while being friendly to your family, pets and the environment.

EW4H Carbon Based Fertilizer
EW4H Trusted by Pros

Trusted By The Pros!

Simple Enough For Everyone

For your lawn and your garden, we offer a very simple but very successful program of only two products. These products have been in high demand from Superbowl winning football stadiums and World Series winning baseball stadiums to most of the top 100 golf courses in the country. A granular fertilizer provides volume of food for your soil and then we supplement that with a carbon rich organic based liquid fertilizer for both lawn and garden, this builds the long-term health of the soil providing your home with the best possible results.

Get started creating a healthy lawn and garden just like the pros.