Best Organic Based Fertilizers

EarthWorks For Home Products

EarthWorks For Home understands how to respect the soil, the environment and you! Begin by using the best organic based fertilzers. Beautiful lawns and gardens start with healthy soil. First provide a large volume of nutrients for the soil by using our granular (dry, spreadable) fertilizers. Then build the long-term health of the soil and the plant. Do this by following dry fertilizer with a carbon rich liquid (sprayable) fertilizer. Our products have been in high demand from professional football and baseball stadiums and most of the top 100 golf courses in the country.

Organic Based Dry Fertilizers

The Best Organic Based Fertilizers Provide Nutrient Rich Food for the Soil and Plant

Spreading Organic Based Fertilizer

Organic Based Liquid Fertilizers

The Best Organic Based Fertilizers Provide Long-Term Health of the Soil and Plant

Spraying Organic Based Liquid Fertiilizer

Earthworks For Home Programs

Professionals use our programs because they are simple and safe and they work - now you can use them, too! We offer simple, successful programs, for both lawn and garden, that use just two products. The best possible results come when dry and liquid products are used together as part of a program – just like the pros do!

Organic Based Lawn Program

Feed and Activate. Give Your Lawn The One, Two Punch for Greener Grass!

Little Girls on Lawn treated with Organic Based Fertilizer

Organic Based Garden Program

Feed and Flourish. Give Your Garden The One, Two Punch for Healthier Plants!

Family Gardening with Organic Based Fertilizer