Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

Yes it is possible to find environmentally friendly fertilizers. In fact, our fertilizers are not only okay for the environment they actually help. Because EW4H fertilizers capture carbon from the atmosphere they have a positive effect on climate change.

Q: How do you impact the environment one lawn at a time?
A: Capture carbon! Become a Climate Change Mitigator.

A Climate Change Mitigator cares about their environment and takes action to limit the rate, and impact, of global warming.

Let's Get Started with Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

You like plants, so do we! When growing something we know it’s better to work with nature than against nature. We also know that your lawn and gardens can be more than a beautiful well manicured space. At EW4H we use eco-friendly fertilizers that make the Earth Work! Our best-in-class soil test process and organic-based products make the soil better, the grass greener, the gardens healthier…. and help to save the earth.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers help your plants grow

Magical Process of Photosynthesis

Every single person has the opportunity to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and lock it into the ground. This process mitigates the atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) responsible for building greenhouse gas. By treating your lawn with environmentally friendly fertilizers - you treat the world better and become a Climate Change Mitigator.

Eco Friendly Fertilizers Can Help Your Lawn Make a Difference?

Grass is one of the most common and expansive crops. It blankets and protects our earth. When cared for properly your lawn can contribute to climate change mitigation. The EW4H products help to create a process called carbon capture. That's a catchy phrase to describe the process of pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locking it into the soil. The carbon becomes food for your lawn, a win for the environment and a win for you. Not only will you have a greener lawn, but this process acts to slow or reverse the major factor that impacts climate change.

Our Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers help capture carbon