Reading Soil Test Results - Soil Bioavailability

Soil pH test plus...

These factors impact the plant’s ability to get nutrients.

EarthWorks For Home is a pioneer in the area of bioavailability. Professional turf managers consider us leaders in biological soil management. Because of this, we understand that a soil pH test  is just a small part of the picture. We believe that there is more to a soil test than just a simple pH soil test kit. Therefore we consider biological factors, not just chemistry when we evaluate your soil.

EW4H Replenish For Your Lawn and Replenish For Your Gardens organic based fertilizers are perfect for maintenance. Because of their compost base, these products will provide the ideal rate of elements and nutrients needed by the soil and the plant.

  • Organic Matter (OM%)
    • Humus is the organic component of soil. Why is humus important? Because it provides the best food for your plants. And it helps the soil hold moisture.
    • When the organic matter is low, water and nutrient exchange between the soil and the plant will be limited.
    • The EW4H Lawn and Gardens programs are all carbon focused products. These products will increase organic matter percentage creating healthy root zone biology. When roots are happy and healthy you produce actively growing plants. The result - plants and lawns that are alive even in the hottest of summers.
  • Holding Capacity
    • The holding capacity tells us how much nutrient your soil has the potential to hold. There is no good or bad holding capacity, but it helps us when making soil recommendations.
  • pH
    • The soil pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. It is important because pH can impact the ability of certain nutrients to become available to the plant. Our soil test recommendations consider your specific soil pH and are adjusted accordingly.