Reading Soil Test Results - Soil Contaminents - Sodium

Contaminants in Soil - Excess Sodium

Roots bathing in too much sodium will kill plants!

Soil compaction can occur when there are contaminants in soil such as excess sodium. Water and air cannot flow freely in compacted soil. In addition, sodium creates a condition similar to high blood pressure leading to dehydration. The result is unhealthy and wilted plants.

The compost base of the EW4H Replenish For Your Lawn and Replenish For Your Gardens organic based fertilizers are perfect for maintenance. These products will provide the ideal rate of elements and nutrients needed by the soil and the plant.

  • Excess Sodium
    • Remove sodium with gypsum application(s) as recommended by your soil test.
    • Strong soil microbiology helps to reduce high sodium levels. Our EW4H Replenish For Your Gardens product is recommended for both lawns and gardens with high sodium levels. The mycorrhiza in this product is the perfect solution for encouraging healthy soil microbiology.