Reading Soil Test Results - Soil Recovery - Phosphorus

Phosphorus Levels in the Soil

Phosphorus is needed for growth, strength & recovery from stress.

The phosphorus levels in your soil might be at a good level. However, the phosphorus is often not available to the plant. It is important to provide AVAILABLE phosphorus regardless of your soil test results. If there is a phosphorus deficiency in the soil, it is even more important. Get your best results by providing mobile phosphorus for all soil types and conditions.

The compost base of the EW4H Replenish For Your Lawn and Replenish For Your Gardens organic based fertilizers are perfect for maintenance. These products will provide the ideal rate of elements and nutrients needed by the soil and the plant.

  • Phosphorus Deficiency
    • Use EW4H Replenish for Gardens for both your gardens and lawn. This product will improve the  phosphorus levels by improving soil microbiology. The mycorrhiza will help roots to go deep into the soil and find needed phosphorus.
    • The EW4H programs for your Lawn and Gardens provide bioavailable phosphorus. This helps the plant through the toughest of environments.