A Soil Test Example

Alice Works Hard on Her Lawn and Garden

How Soil Testing Made it Easier

Alice takes pride in her home. She works hard to keep her lawn and gardens looking their best. In fact her family teases her about "Sunday Lawn Care Day"!  But what they are really thinking is "Why can't we just enjoy the yard on a Sunday?!" Secretly Alice is thinking the same thing. She wonders why with all of her hard work she still has so many dandelions and other weeds. Plus the soil is so tight she struggles to dig in the garden. What follows is Alice's story and a soil test example.

Alice and Family Enjoying Their Beautiful Lawn

Alice had heard about the benefit of doing soil testing so she bought a pH Soil Test Kit. The result - the soil pH was almost perfect. Ugh - now what? Finally, Alice approached her neighbor whose lawn was the envy of the neighborhood. Not only was the lawn beautiful, the family spent the weekends enjoying their yard. Her neighbor told her that he used an EW4H soil test kit that tested for much more than the pH. He explained what he had learned about soil biology and chemistry and how they work together to create a better environment for plants to grow healthy and strong. He added that everything starts with the soil. The best part - now he doesn't have to work in his yard every Sunday!

Alice's EW4H Soil Test Results

Alice decided to give it a try and was pleased to see that her soil test results did seem to explain the issues she was seeing. Although the pH level was pretty good there were two things that could explain the tightness in her soil and the pesky dandelions. In addition, she received recommendations that would address the magnesium deficiency and high contaminant (sodium) level. Both issues contributed to the soil compaction.

Check out the results and the recommendations that were made to help Alice love her lawn and give her more time to enjoy it!

Note: This story was created as an example only. However, the issues, test results and solutions are quite common. Your recommendations will be customized based on your results.

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