Reading Soil Test Results

Reading soil test results can seem complicated and intimidating. Particularly when given just a bunch of numbers! Therefore, we have broken our soil test into easy-to-understand categories. These categories will help you to understand the results and the importance of the elements that we include in our soil test. In this section we provide you with more information about the role each element plays in the life of your soil.

Everything we measure will add up to 100% of what is in your soil. Because of this, if you have a deficiency (not enough) of something you will also most likely have too much of something else. When we interpret your soil test results, we take into consideration the relationship between all the parts. That's why EarthWorks and EW4H gives you the best recommendation possible. In addition, we help you with reading your soil test results by relating the numbers back to what you are most likely seeing. Perhaps it is hard to dig because you have compacted soil. Maybe the soil is having a hard time holding water. Or it could be that your plants are wilting or just not as healthy as you think they should be. Whether or not you see problems, starting with a soil test and getting clear recommendations is the place to start.

Great lawns and gardens begin with reading your soil test results

Let's dig deeper into "the dirt" about your soil