Professional Turf Experts

Working in the Turf Industry for over 30 years

Experience Matters

In 1988 EarthWorks was created to bring organic based products and environmentally sound soil management principles to professional turf experts around the globe. Because we studied and learned, we were able to create products that work effectively on some of the toughest sports environments.

Cool to be ORGANIC!

It is now, but it wasn't in 1988

We were called every name in the book, but that didn't stop us from creating the highest quality organic and organic based fertilizers on the market. Working with the soil first we can make a big impact on the environment while creating sound, safe and extremely effective products.

Professional Turf Experts start with healthy soil
Professional Turf Experts use Soil Testing

Soil Testing? Do I have to?

Yes! Professional Turf Experts Agree!

Soil testing is similar to a medical doctor running blood work in order to check your levels and help diagnose any deficiencies or abnormalities. Because chemically balanced soils can use the nutrients that we are feeding them, they are physically and biologically better! Professional turf experts agree that soil testing is an important first step for success.

Professional Results

Can my lawn look like that?

It can! These are the very same organic based fertilizers used by professional football and baseball stadiums. They are also used by most of the top 100 golf courses in the country. Professional turf experts use our products because they are simple and safe and because they work. Now you can use them, too!

EW4H brings the same expertise to you - the homeowner! Enjoy the benefits of decades of experience to have: lusher lawns, more vibrant flowers, healthier vegetables, spectacular shrubs and sturdier trees.


Professional Sports Turf

EarthWorks Professional Client
FC Dallas, Moneygram Park

EarthWorks For Home - Used By The Pros

"After trying several different programs, the 555 program from EarthWorks provided us with the best growth and recovery for our tight soils and high usage.”

Troy Crawford
Director of Grounds, FC Dallas
MLS Soccer

Our Organic Based Fertilizers and Programs

Easy to follow, simple to use, and they work!

  • Soil Test Kit provides the backbone of our customized programs.
  • Replenish Fertilizers granular (dry, spreadable) fertilizers provide a large volume of food for the soil.
  • Liquid Fertilizers (sprayable) fertilizers supplement with a carbon rich organic based food to build the long-term health of the soil and plant.
  • EW4H Lawn Program is the perfect combination of dry and liquid fertilizers for a lush and green lawn.
  • EW4H Garden Program is the perfect combination of dry and liquid fertilizers for bountiful flowers and healthy vegetables.