Organic Based Dry Fertilizers

EW4H Replenish organic based and organic dry fertilizers start with a mineral rich compost that feeds both your soil and your plants. The mineral rich blends are ideal for all soil types and can be used in all climates. In additon, a strong carbon to nitrogen ratio activates microbes. The microbes digest carbon. Because they are pulling carbon from the atmosphere your lawn and gardens help our environment. That is what we refer to as capturing carbon one lawn or garden at a time!

Conveniently packaged in a 25 lb. bag for ease of application.

Organic Based Dry Fertilizer for your Lawn

Nitrogen Enhanced Organic for Lasting Green

  • Provides long lasting color all season long
  • Builds deep strong roots that can find water even in the heat of summer
  • Keeps the soil warm in the winter for a quick “green up” in the spring

Organic Dry Fertilizer for your Gardens

Foundation for Establishing Healthy Plants

  • Establishes perfect environment for new plantings
  • Helps plants find water and minerals in the heat of the summer
  • Builds strong roots for fuller plants and healthier vegetables

Start with soil testing for best results. Then follow with dry and liquid organic based fertilizers used together as part of a program – just like the pros do! Visit the EW4H Lawn Program or the EW4H Garden Program page to learn more.